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about the show

What if that which you identify with suddenly disappeared? Who would you be then?

(IM)PERFEKT is a solo show about identity, beauty and labels. Sometimes you need to (literally) lose a part of yourself in order to discover who you truly are.


Actress Jannica Olin was the stereotypical blonde blue-eyed Swede. Her long hair had always been a big part of her identity. Until suddenly, she lost it all. 

In (IM)PERFEKT, Jannica takes us on a journey of exploring and uncovering that which we think we are, have to be and maybe, ultimately aren’t.


(IM)PERFEKT had it’s world premiere at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2019 to sold-out houses and took home the Producers’s Encore Award; a nomination for The Diverse Diva Award by The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival, the Critics' Choice Award by Better Lemons as well as an Honorable Mention and the Gold Medal by TVOLUTION. 


(IM)PERFEKT was part of the official selection for the 4th annual Binge Fringe Festival at Santa Monica Playhouse in October 2019, the 2020 Solo Stars Series and the 28th annual Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival.

In 2020, Jannica received a BroadwayWorld Theatre Award nomination as Performer of The Decade as well as Production Of The Decade. 

In the fall of 2022, (IM)PERFEKT had its Off Broadway debut at Theatre Row in New York as part of the largest solo theatre festival in the world; United Solo.

2022 couldn't be complete without another performance at Santa Monica Playhouse as part of the annual Binge Fringe Festival of FREE theatre!

The show was born out of Jannica's empowering TEDx talk; Welcome To My New Normal, featured on


the why

“I lost all my hair in the space of 6 months to Alopecia. It was a confusing, frustrating and scary time. Why was my body all of a sudden rejecting my hair? But more importantly, was I now going to be seen as sick and ugly?

Eventually, I chose to embrace my new look as a bald woman and (IM)PERFEKT will take you on the journey of how that came to be. 

But what I have become really interested in, is the conversation around our idea of what beauty is supposed to look like and where that idea comes from. Is it something that empowers us or disempowers us?

Well, answer this: What thoughts do you have about yourself when you look in the mirror every morning?

Rarely are those thoughts Awesome and Empowering. Why is that? 


I want YOU to feel powerful and free to be who you are; to embrace your own unique beauty and to stand proudly in the perfection that you already are and always have been. I hope (IM)PERFEKT can have that impact.”

"Embrace your different"



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the audience says...

  • “(IM)PERFEKT is a must see for women of all ages who struggle with self-acceptance. It is also a must-see for men of all ages who have internalized absurd and generic ideas about beauty and femininity.”



  • “Jannica turns the mirror on to the audience and challenges us to look at our labels and assumptions.”



  • “Wow, (IM)PERFEKT is daring and bold. Jannica takes us on a creative and insightful ride of introspection on how we go through life so consumed with how we look, who we want to be, who we think we are, and the constant labeling of others and ourselves. Her character work is stunning.” 



  • “Jannica is an amazing performer – She somehow manages to simultaneously “put on a show” for us while making us so comfortable that at times you feel like you’re just hanging out in her living room having tea with her as her story unfolds so naturally.”



  • “I loved this entire show – it’s by far one of the best solo shows I’ve seen. With simple props and hilarious characterizations we are whisked into a juicy and imaginative world. “



  • “This was a lovely, empowering piece. Jannica Olin is a skillful and talented actor who seamlessly carried the audience along with her in her journey through her loss and rediscovery of feminine identity.”



  • “Her raw realness is something the world needs.”



  • “What a powerful show. Funny, heartwarming and eye-opening to the judgements we put on ourselves and others. Beautifully vulnerable.”



  • “Her strength and positive message will echo long after the show ends. She has transformed a hard subject surrounded by shame into a hopeful and empowering story with lots of humor.”



  • “I’m so happy to hear more takes on the issues of body shaming and self esteem tied to the images our media and culture perpetuate.”



  • “Jannica has done something really important here.”



  • “(IM)PERFEKT transcends race and gender. Everyone can see themselves and their own story through Jannica’s vulnerable and brave sharing of hers.”



past shows

past shows

United Solo - Off Broadway

Theatre Row, NYC

October 2022

The Binge Fringe Festival

Santa Monica Playhouse, CA

October 2022

Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival

The WhiteFire Theatre, CA

March 30, 2021 (Streamed)

Best of Fest - Binge Fringe

Santa Monica Playhouse, CA

October 28, 2020 (Live streamed)

Solo Stars Series 

The Lounge Theatre, Hollywood, CA

January 2020

The Binge Fringe Festival

Santa Monica Playhouse, CA

October 2019

The Hollywood Fringe Festival - ENCORE series

July 2019

The Hollywood Fringe Festival

June 9, 22, 28 2019

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