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(IM)PERFEKT at The Binge Fringe Festival of FREE Theatre!

After being chosen as part of the Binge Fringe Festival in 2019 and being invited back for BEST OF FEST in 2020; (IM)PERFEKT is coming back to Santa Monica Playhouse on October 21 at 8pm for this year's Binge Fringe Festival. And... it's FREE! But ticket reservations are required.


What if that which you identify with suddenly disappeared? Who would you be then?

(IM)PERFEKT is a solo show about identity, beauty and labels. Sometimes you need to (literally) lose a part of yourself in order to discover who you truly are.

Actress Jannica Olin was the stereotypical blonde blue-eyed Swede. Her long hair had always been a big part of her identity. Until suddenly, she lost it all.

In (IM)PERFEKT, Jannica takes us on a journey of exploring and uncovering that which we think we are, have to be and maybe, ultimately aren’t.

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